Facial Plastic Surgery


Facial Plastic Surgery by Dr. HeinYour face projects an image to others about what you think and feel. With time and stress your face undergoes gradual changes which may give a false image of who you really are. Similar to painting your house when it is peeling or buying a new dress when it is worn, you must take care of yourself to keep looking your best. Facial cosmetic surgery includes procedures to improve the appearance of features you have disliked since childhood or to reduce the effects of the natural aging process by surgically rejuvenating your face.

Facial rejuvenation isn’t just for people past a certain age. In fact, it is your appearance, rather than your actual age, that determines whether you are a good candidate for facelift, eyelid, or other facial rejuvenation surgery. At Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery we will be happy to evaluate all of your facial features but will never talk you into more surgery than what is necessary to give you the best possible appearance. Please feel free to browse through some of the possibilities and be sure to review the before and after photographs in each section.

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