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Accurate Aesthetics Skincare Products

Aesthetic procedures and treatments can help you achieve a refreshed and younger look, but if you don’t have a proper skincare routine at home, the results that you get from these procedures and treatments are not going to last as long as you want.

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Nutrafol at Accurate Aesthetics

In-Office Only – Nutrafol!

Accurate Aesthetics is proud to have partnered with Nutrafol Nutraceuticals for improved hair growth. Nutrafol supports your unique biology with a multi-targeted approach to hair health. If you are struggling with hair loss and want visibly thicker, stronger hair, contact our office to purchase Nutrafol.

We currently carry the following hair growth formulations in our office:

  • Women’s Balance (for women 45+ and experiencing hair thinning)
  • Nutrafol Men (for men with excess shedding and decreased scalp coverage)

At Accurate Aesthetics, we sell the 3-month supply for less than what it would be if you were to order Nutrafol online!

Call our office toll-free at (877) 603-7874 today if you would like to purchase Nutrafol from Accurate Aesthetics.


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