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Summer Tips

Happy Summer All!

A note from our Medical Aesthetician Kathleen.

I hope you are enjoying a relaxed and fun time void of routines and schedules. One routine you should not completely throw out the window for the summer is your skin. Skin is our largest organ after all and your efforts will be rewarded with glowing skin!

Here are some tips and some skin treatments that are safe during the summer months.

~ Treatments to Consider During the SummerMicrodermabrasion, Dermaplanning, Microneedling, Hydrating Facials. All safe and will yield healthier happier skin. And, I’d love to see you😉

~ Stay Hydrated

~ Eat Lots of Vegetables and some fruits for natures antioxidants. Did you ever wonder why these plants grow in hot summer sun without scorching like you and I would? Hmmmmm…. antioxidants!

~ Get your Vitamin D – Summertime is a great time to absorb this vital nutrient through your skin. Best times to get your Vitamin D is before 10AM so get up and get out for a walk or a bike ride. BTW – Did you know that Vitamin D is not a vitamin at all? It’s a hormone and vital for our immune system. Our liver stores this vital nutrient to help us through the darker winter months.

~ After 10AM when the sun becomes its strongest, be sure to protect your skin with a broad spectrum physical SPF of 15-30. Anything over that is not necessary but it is necessary to reapply every 2 hours!!!

~ Nutrients – Skin, just like your body needs nutrients. Peptides and Antioxidants are among the must haves and I have a couple of recommendations for you! Our Hydra Peptide Serum plus our Synergistic Antioxidant Serum. Another must have is our Advanced Brightening Pads (I can’t live without these)! They are light exfoliant pads infused with pure vitamin C, Arbutase, and Kojac Acid antioxidant/brighteners, that you wipe on your skin once a day. Ask me and I’m happy to guide you.

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Advanced Brightening Pads

~ Advanced Brightening Pads – a unique formula that combines Kojic acid, Arbutin, antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, and Green Tea with a gentle exfoliator to brighten and even skin tone.

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Aesthetic procedures and treatments can help you achieve a refreshed and younger look but if you don’t have a proper skincare routine at home, the results that you get from these procedures and treatment are not going last as long as you want.

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