Vein Treatment ExampleIn the United States an estimated 30 million+ people suffer from a vein condition.

Three of the most common types of vein conditions are:

1. Spider Veins
2. Reticular Veins
3. Varicose Veins

As you age, spider veins with increase in number and visibility. Also, more women than men suffer from spider veins primarily due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, menopause and while taking birth control pills.

Another factor contributing to increased spider veins for people is carrying extra weight because being overweight puts additional pressure on the veins. People with jobs that require prolonged standing or sitting may also develop spider veins.

Dr. Katherine Hein is among the top cosmetic surgeons in the Boston, MetroWest, Wellesley, and Sudbury area. She provides sclerotherapy treatments at her Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery practice to treat spider veins. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure to treat uncomplicated spider veins and uncomplicated reticular veins.


Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective medical treatment that has been used for many years to address reticular and spider veins. The treatment involves the precise injection of a solution into the affected veins. The solutions causes irritation to the targeted blood vessels and over a period of time, the veins collapse and become far less visible. Dr. Hein advises her vein treatment patients that their body naturally reabsorbs the treated vein.

It is not uncommon to see some bruising and patients are advised to avoid direct sunlight for a few weeks.* During your consultation with Dr. Hein, she will review your medical history to ascertain how long you have had your vein problem and examine the area to assess the severity of the vein condition. Dr. Hein and her professional staff will thoroughly explain the sclerotherapy procedure, your recovery process, and expected results.

When you select Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery for your sclerotherapy treatment, you can be reassured of a close personal relationship with Dr. Katherine Hein and her professional staff.

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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with the medical professionals at Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery to see if you are a candidate.


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