About William E. LoVerme, M.D.

Cosmetic Surgeon BostonDr. LoVerme is among the top cosmetic surgeons in the Boston and Wellesley area, with distinctions as President of the Massachusetts Society of Plastic Surgeons and Chief of Plastic Surgery at two major hospitals. By teaching advanced surgical seminars, conducting medical research, and practicing independently since 1985, he continually maintains his expertise and remains up-to-date on the latest surgical techniques. While Dr. LoVerme’s experience provides him with superior technical skill, he recognizes that technical skill alone does not lead to successful surgery. Today more than ever, patients desire natural looking results.

The goal of modern cosmetic surgery is to create an enhanced appearance for patients without changing their individual look. Specializing in cosmetic surgery for over seventeen years has provided Dr. LoVerme with the artistic ability to achieve these natural looking results.

Dr. LoVerme established Accurate Aesthetics in 1996 with the mission of providing exceptional care in a personal practice. Patients come to Accurate Aesthetics with very different expectations for plastic surgery. Dr. LoVerme and his staff devote the time and personal attention necessary to understand these expectations. Because every body is unique, every surgery Dr. LoVerme performs is individual and personalized.

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