Radiesse Injectable Filler

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Volumizing facial filler for around the mouth and nose

Radiesse® is a fast acting, long lasting non-allergenic facial filler which can be used to reduce wrinkles commonly found around the mouth and nose. Radiesse® can also be used to fill certain types of scars. While the procedure itself takes only a short time to apply, the results can last up to two years, making it one of the longest-lasting injectable fillers on the market today.*

Ideal candidates for Radiesse® are generally between 30 and 60 years of age with wrinkles appearing around the nose and mouth, as well as crows feet and some scars. It works by adding volume, similar to Juvéderm®, but where Juvéderm® is more superficial, Radiesse® volumizes deeper. Also, Juvéderm® can be used virtually anywhere on the face, while Radiesse® is best used in specific areas.

After Radiesse® injections, minimal swelling may occur which will fade away over the course of the next two days. Sometimes patients experience some minor bruising or pain, which can be alleviated with medication. There is no recovery downtime and normal activities and work can be resumed following the procedure.* It is recommended, however, that patients stay out of the sun.

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