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Body Contouring by Dr. Hein

Over sixty percent of all cosmetic surgery is on areas below the neck. These remarkable procedures can make people look younger and healthier as well as feel better about themselves. Think of the possibilities: A flat, firm tummy; breasts more proportioned to your size, lifted, perky and full where they are supposed to be; a sculpted waist and thighs; even lasting hair removal to complement your new contours.

At Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery  Dr. Katherine Hein and her professional team utilize the newest techniques and try to minimize the size of our incisions. Our staff is available to determine those procedures which will give the most benefit and make you feel and look your best. We will discuss openly the advantages as well as the risks of each procedure. We want to tailor our procedures to what is best for the individual. Please feel free to browse through the sections and view the before and after photographs of each procedure.

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