Written Testimonials

BOTOX® Cosmetic: Great Results – Boston, MA

Dr. LoVerme took a lot of time to listen both to my concerns and my expectations. He offered a lot of information to ease my worries, and was very clear about what my expectations of Botox should be. Overall, I’m very happy. I wanted to maintain some mobility in my forhead, and Dr. LoVerme used just enough Botox that I can still raise my eyebrows, but the lines and wrinkles that were troubling were dramatically reduced.

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Liposuction: Great Experience/Results – Wellesley, MA

At 45 I went to Dr. Loverme, referred to me by a friend. During my consult with Dr. Loverme I explained my disappointment the first time around and he was very attentive and listened to me. He explained my options in detail (liposuction or tummy tuck). He drew pictures for me, outline costs associated with each procedure and the pros and cons of each procedure so I was able to make an informed decision. Dr. Loverme and his staff was wonderful from my very first contact to my last follow up visit. I would highly recommended Dr. Loverme for any plastic surgery procedure!!


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Breast Augmentation: Weight Loss No Boobs to Great Boobs! Wellesley, MA

I lost 40 pounds and my cup size diminished to barely an A cup. Prior to my breast augmentation I had never had any kind of surgery so I was super nervous for this. Dr. LoVerme and his staff were incredible! They made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process and genuinely cared about calming me down! I am one week post surgery right now and I feel fantastic.

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Liposuction: 35 Yrs, 2 C-sections, Getting Rid of the Pouch! – Wellesley, MA

Dr. LoVerme put me at ease. He gave me positive yet realistic expectations and delivered on what he said he could do. He was patient and willing to spend time to answer my questions. I felt no hesitation in selecting him as my surgeon. I am very pleased with my results. The procedure and recovery were much easier than I expected. I would certainly go back to him for future procedures if needed and would recommend him to friends and family.

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Breast Augmentation: The Best Plastic Surgeon

I had a great experience with Dr. LoVerme and the nurses at Accurate Aesthetics. I went in for my initial consult for breast augmentation and described what I was looking for. The results are unbelievable. My breasts look so natural and the size and shape are perfect for me. I am so glad I used him. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking breast augmentation surgery!

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