Laser Resurfacing CoupleIt is possible to treat wrinkles associated with age and exposure to the sun, improve the appearance of sun damage, and correct pigment problems with resurfacing techniques. These include laser surgery, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Each of these methods removes some of the outer surface of skin forcing new skin to grow. This brings with it new collagen and elastic fibers. The skin becomes smoother and tighter with generally improved complexion as well as deeper, more aggressive resurfacing.

Dr. Katherine Hein is among the top cosmetic surgeons in the Boston, MetroWest, Wellesley, and Sudbury area and she has found that laser skin resurfacing is a tried-and-true approach to skin rejuvenation removing layers of skin to correct fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and smooth skin, soften pucker marks, and repair skin discoloration with a precise method. Dr. Hein has indicated the results of laser resurfacing to be quite dramatic and long-lasting.*


Laser Resurfacing in the past was a procedure that had excellent results but had long healing times. With the advent of fractional laser resurfacing in 2008, laser therapy had a dramatic resurgence. Secret™ PRO, Total FX, DOT therapy and MiXto laser are examples of these products. Laser has once again proved itself to be an ideal method for reducing moderate to deep lines and creases due to aging and photo damage. Dr. Katherine Hein utilizes Secret™ PRO Fractionated CO2 laser technology for an ideal minimal downtime laser peel.*


The Secret™ PRO laser is a skin-resurfacing laser used to treat photoaging, pigment changes, and skin laxity. It is a non-ablative laser, so the epidermis is left intact, minimizing down-time. Direct heating of the dermis by the laser stimulates fibroblasts and encourages the formation and deposition of new collagen. The procedure is done in the Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery office and is mildly uncomfortable. Most patients have some redness and swelling for a few days.*

Secret™ PRO fractionated CO2 laser improves your appearance by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny, microscopic laser spots. Results are usually visible within a few weeks.* Most patients can expect improvement in pigmentation, skin laxity, and wrinkles. The Secret™ PRO laser can also be used to improve the appearance of some scars.

Secret™ PRO Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments are all individualized to the patient and should be used in conjunction with a good home skin care program such as the “Synergistic Skin Care Program” offered at Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery.

When you select Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery for your laser skin resurfacing treatment, you can be reassured of a close personal relationship with Dr. Katherine Hein and her professional staff.

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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed. Consult with the medical professionals at Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery to see if you are a candidate.


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