Brow Lift Surgery in Boston

Wrinkles and frown lines may appear in the forehead or brow area. Your facial expression may make you look upset or concerned when you are really feeling well-rested and content. A drooping brow can create a perpetually tired or sad look. A forehead or brow lift can smooth out the wrinkles and correct drooping brows and heavy lids to provide a younger and friendlier appearance. A brow lift can be combined with eyelid surgeryfacelift or laser resurfacing for the best results.

About Brow Lift Surgery

Dr. LoVerme usually performs the brow lift procedure through very small incisions placed behind the hairline so that the scars are most often not visible at all. The entire forehead is elevated so that the eyebrows may rest in a more natural position and alleviate the tired look. If wrinkles or frown lines are your main concern rather than just drooping at the eyelid area, then an endoscope is used to remove selected muscles which cause wrinkles. The endoscope is a long thin tube with a light on the end which is attached to a video camera. It allows the doctor to see the internal structure without making visible incisions. This removal of muscle is a more lasting solution than an injection of BOTOX™ Cosmetic which is often also used to minimize wrinkles in this area.*

For patients with a high hairline, a combination of techniques may be used. A scar may be placed at the hairline in order to minimize the appearance of the high forehead while the endoscope may be inserted to visualize the internal structures and minimize wrinkles and frown lines. This surgery can most often be done with local anesthesia and sedation. Swelling and puffiness of the eyes is typical in the first few days and subsides by the end of the first week. Stitches or staples in the hairline are removed by two weeks. You may feel a small bump under the scar for about six months as the internal clips dissolve. More strenuous activity and exercise may usually be resumed after three weeks.*

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