Boost Your Immune Health With Vitamin D

Boost Your Immune Health With Vitamin D

Welcome back, Vitamin D! The sun has made its return to the northern hemisphere and over the coming months will rise high in the sky vs the winter months when it is lower in the sky.

Tips To Boost Your Immune Health

Here are some quick tips to boost your immune health during the sunny months:

  • Be sure to get some vitamin D for your immune health by taking a walk preferably before 10 AM, if you can.
  • Exposing your skin to sunlight for just 10-15 minutes a day will help your body absorb vitamin D naturally.
  • Wear sunscreen between 10 AM and 4 PM, no matter what!

Did you know vitamin D is not actually a vitamin? It is a hormone vital for immunity.

If you would like to learn more about skin health, contact our master aesthetician, Kathleen. She is always happy to help.

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Book your complimentary skin care analysis with our Master Aesthetician Kathleen during the month of June and she will help guide you toward the best options for you! Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover the perfect skin care routine tailored just for you!

Contact us online or call the office at 781-263-0011.

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10 Skin Care Tips To Survive Winter

10 Skin Care Tips To Survive Winter

The leaves are past their peak, the clocks have turned back, and colder weather is upon us…oh my!

Follow these 10 tips on surviving dry winter skin – your skin will thank you!

  1. Limit hot showers.
  2. Exfoliate for smoother more supple skin.
  3. Use Sunscreen – it’s not just for summer! Many folks don’t realize the earth is closer to the sun during winter months. Choose SPF with zinc oxide and titanium oxide for broad spectrum such as our Antioxidant Sun Defense 40.
  4. Try a Gentle Foamy cleanser – the best cleanser ever! It’s gentle and reduces redness.
  5. Apply Hydra peptide serum – building blocks for collagen. It creates a barrier enhancement.
  6. Consider an Antioxidant serum with ferulic and vitamin C, brightens skin.
  7. Select a Hyaluronic Moisturizer – Locks in moisture, combats dry, crepey skin.
  8. For drier skin, try intense Nia Cream with Vitamin B3.
  9. Hydrate! This prevents dehydration and TEWL (trans-epidermal water loss).
  10. Get plenty of sleep – shorter days with less sunlight directly affects the circadian rhythm. Sleep is important to boost immune health and improves mood.

Bonus Tip!

Add Retinol to your regimen! Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has many benefits for the skin. It is especially good at reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have any questions on products or would like a skin consultation with our Master Aesthetician Kathleen, please contact us online or call the office at 781-263-0011.

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To SPF Or Not To SPF! How To Get Your Vitamin D And Still Protect Your Skin

Woman siping coffee on a balcony

Here in the northeast where our summers are short, we crave being carefree and relish being in the sun. Did you know that most of our yearly supply of Vitamin D comes from the Sun? And in the northeast, we absorb Vitamin D between the months of April-October. By the way, did you also know that Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin at all? It’s a hormone, hence necessary for immune health.

As important as the sun is for our immune health, like most things, moderation is key. Melanoma knows no bias. Enter SPF – sun protection factor. We use SPF to protect our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburns, skin cancer, skin damage, and premature aging. But there have been indications that high sun protection factors may be blocking Vitamin D production in the skin.

So now what? How do you get your Vitamin D and still protect yourself from sun damage and skin cancer?

A Common SPF Mistake

Woman and her dog enjoying time in the sun

Do you apply your SPF lotion before ever stepping outside each morning? That’s where people go wrong. They put their sunscreen on in the morning and think they are good to go!

According to the EPA, it is most important to have SPF coverage between the hours of 10AM to 4PM, rain or shine. That is when the sun’s rays are strongest. However, during the early morning hours, your skin should be SPF-free in order to absorb your necessary supply of daily Vitamin D. So, when you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to go outside and sit while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Or if you have a dog, take it for a walk. Getting sun on unprotected skin in the early morning hours is vital for your immune health. After you’ve soaked up a bit of the morning sun, get ready for your day and don’t forget your SPF!

Illustrated Fitzpatrick Scale showing different skin tones and how they react to sun exposure

Do You Know Your Fitzpatrick Number? What Is A Fitz Number?

In 1975, Dr Thomas Fitzpatrick devised the Fitzpatrick scale of skin. We live in a very global world and Dr Fitzpatrick devised a system of prototypes of skin to describe the common tanning behavior of various skin types. Picture a pie that everyone in the world fits into a slice of that pie. 1 through 6; lightest to darkest.

This scale is used to classify skin coloring and that skin’s possible response to the sun’s UVA and UVB radiation. Skin with little to no melanin (pigment) is more prone to burn as there is little protection from the sun’s rays. Skin with more melanin is at less risk but can still get skin cancer.

Remember, ALL skin types are at risk of developing skin cancer, sun damage, and premature aging when the sun’s harmful rays are involved, so no matter your skin type, you should apply SPF sunscreen daily.

Which Sunscreen Should I Use? Physical Vs Chemical? What’s The Difference?

A physical sunscreen is zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and reflects the rays away vs a chemical sunscreen that works as a sponge to absorbs the rays.

Most of us know we should use SPF, but which one? Whether you choose a physical SPF or chemical is mostly up to preference, just make sure it is UVA/ UVB. UVA and UVB are two of the three types of UV radiation that reaches Earth. The three types are:

  • UVA = Ultraviolet A rays. These are the aging rays. They cause aging and contribute to skin cancer but are not as dangerous as UVB rays.
  • UVB = Ultraviolet B rays. These are the burning rays and are at their strongest 10AM to 4PM. UVB rays cause sunburns, skin cancer, and more.
  • UVC = Ultraviolet C rays. These rays can’t reach you because they are completely absorbed by the atmosphere.

How Often Should I Reapply Sunscreen?

Regardless of your number in the Fitzpatrick Scale, a good rule is to reapply your SPF every 2 hours. Here at Accurate Aesthetics, we have the very best scientists that work diligently to formulate our exceptional medical grade products. Our SPF is called Antioxidant Sun Defense and is available in tinted, non-tinted, and bronze.

Call our office, stop by, or visit our online store.

Wishing you all a continued and joyful summer.

– Kathleen

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How To Protect Yourself From UV Rays

Woman in a beach hat applying sunscreen to her shoulderDark spots, uneven skin tone, or discoloration – all not-so-fun signs of hyperpigmentation that increase in appearance during those warm, sunny months. If hyperpigmentation or discoloration is something you combat, protecting your skin is extremely important.

Here at Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, we want to help you protect, correct, and maintain your skin all summer long!

Here are some tips for staying safe in the sun this summer:

  1. Use Sunscreen

    The first line of defense of protecting your skin against anything, but especially hyperpigmentation and skin cancer, is sunscreen. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to all exposed skin. Choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage that blocks both UVA and UVB radiation for the best protection.

    Protect your skin from harmful UV rays
    Shop for Accurate Aesthetics Sunscreens

  2. Re-Apply sunscreen

    Reapplying sunscreen is essential for the protection of your skin. When should you re-apply? Every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating.

  3. Seek Shade

    Shade is great if you need a break from the heat or protection from the sun. Try to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day – just keep in mind that you still need to wear sunscreen because the sun’s rays may be reaching you from different angles.

  4. Wear Sun Protective Clothing

    Wear a wide-brimmed hat that shades your face, neck, and ears when you’re outside in the summer. There are UV Protective clothes available that absorb or block harmful UV radiation. Combining SPF 30+ sunscreen with UPF 50+ protective clothing and gear is one of the most effective forms of protection against sun damage and skin cancer.

  5. Stay hydrated

    Drink plenty of water to help your skin stay healthy and hydrated. Dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are caused by dehydration mixed with too much heat exposure. If you are in the sun and feel ill (e.g., weakness, headache, dizziness, cramping, fainting) even after drinking hydrating fluids like water or a sport electrolyte drink, call 911.

  6. Wear sunglasses

    Your eyes need protection too! Exposure to high levels of sunlight can cause a number of eye-related health issues (e.g., eyelid tumors, cornea and conjunctiva damage, accelerated cataract formation, macular degeneration). Choose sunglasses that block at least 99% of UV rays to protect your eyes and the skin around them. And if you have kids, make sure they have sunglasses too! They are at increased risk of retina damage because their lenses are not yet fully developed.


The sun isn’t all bad. Sun exposure has lots of benefits like Vitamin D production which leads to h2er bones, regulation of melatonin levels which lead to better sleep, increased serotonin levels which helps with mood and combat depression, plus so much more! But you must take care to prevent the negative effects of the sun. By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays and reduce your risk of skin damage, premature aging, and skin cancer.

If you do end up with hyperpigmentation issues this summer, we’ve got you covered. We offer a number of treatments that can improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, including:

Contact Accurate Aesthetics today if you want to schedule an appointment.

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A Thank You for Dr. Hein


Katherine Hein, MDIt’s November, a time when we gather with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’d like to go a bit deeper in this post and talk about gratitude. To me, gratitude means appreciating and acknowledging people or situations that we are thankful for. Truly meditating on them, and trying to bring that positivity back out to the world.
Did you know that people who keep a daily gratitude journal are happier than those who don’t? Did you know that gratitude practices can lead to lower blood pressure and better sleep? Here’s one called “Three Roses and a Thorn” that is a regular at the Hein dinner table. We each tell three highlights of the day and why we are grateful for them, as well as one bummer. Then we leave that one behind!
In prepping this post, I thought of many, many things for which I am grateful. But I decided to choose just one, and one that was relevant to my new business endeavor, Accurate Aesthetics. Many of my readers know that I took over William LoVerme’s practice when he retired and moved my own practice over to his office in Wellesley. Lots of change in a short time! So, I am grateful for my fabulous staff, new and old.
Lisa – Office manager for 18 years, manages all the staff, insurance and billing, and every other tiny little and super big thing that the business runs into.
Carly – Physician Assistant, approaching her one year anniversary. Always positive, helpful, and warm, patients love her. She is a superb assistant and also an IT whiz. Phew.
Kathleen – Aesthetician. Funny, knowledgeable, and caring. Truly an expert on every aspect of skin care, and a health coach, too!
Sharon – Our rock at the front desk. Knows everything about cosmetic surgery and has a long history with the old practice, which very much helped with integrating the two practices.
Jill – Another front desk stalwart. Where would we be without her awesome energy, humor, and baked goods? (Please, Jill, no more cupcakes, my waistline can’t take it.)
Dani – Expert of the first telephone encounter, Dani’s is usually the first voice you hear when you call us. New to the team this year, full of enthusiasm, and eager to learn, Dani is also a certified medical interpreter (Spanish and Portuguese).
Heather – does everything. Today she re-organized all our BOTOX and filler injectable supplies to make that part of our work more streamlined. She also processes instruments, schedules surgery, rooms patients, and deals with insurance companies. And she’s going back to school to become a surgical tech! (How is all that even possible?)
Grateful for anything you’d like to tell us about? Please do! And please also take a moment this month, if not today and every day, for gratitude.
Contact Us
CALL: 877-603-7874
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We Are Open!

As of last evening, Governor Baker announced the ability to do all cosmetic surgery.
We are fully open, completely sanitized, and able to treat our patients with both surgical and non-surgical methods in a safe manner. We also have a fully certified ambulatory surgery center within the office. This will keep you safe and away from the hospital.

When you arrive…

  • We are trying especially hard to keep on schedule. If you have an appointment with us, please wait in your car until we call you in for your appointment.
  • Upon office arrival, you will have your temperature checked and will need to sanitize your hands.
  • Rooms are fully sanitized between each patient’s appointment.

For those not desiring surgery at this time of year, we have non-surgical options that can have your body ready for summer:

We missed you and are very happy to be back in the office! Call now (781) 263-0011 to help improve that pandemic ravaged body and spirit!

Dr. LoVerme and the staff of Accurate Aesthetics

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COVID-19 Office Update

According to the new Massachusetts guidelines released by Governor Baker today, Phase 1 will reopen Massachusetts in a limited fashion. According to his website, cosmetic surgery and procedures are specifically prohibited. This will mean that the office will remain closed except for emergencies until at least Phase 2 which may start on June 8. In the meantime, we are preparing the office to be the safest environment possible for our patients. We are gathering all appropriate personal protective equipment and setting up appropriate barriers. We continue to monitor all Massachusetts and national best practice guidelines. Dr. LoVerme remains in contact with national leaders and sits on the surgical task force for the re-opening at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. We will again keep you updated at each appropriate time.

We thank you for your flexibility and ask you to stay home and stay safe unless it is urgent to go out.

Dr. LoVerme and the staff of Accurate Aesthetics

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COVID-19 Update and What We Can Do for You

We hope all of our patients are staying home and safe. It should not be too much longer that we will be able to resume at least some of our normal activities. It seems as if we are getting to other side of the peak surge!

At Accurate Aesthetics, we are making plans for a reopening probably sometime in mid-May. We will start with routine consults and Botox and filler appointments at that time. Unfortunately, for lip filler injections, we will hold off for a while longer since it is a higher risk procedure for COVID-19. We hope to resume at least our office operating schedule by the end of May. It will probably be closer to July that we are able to do operations at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. We deep clean our office frequently (there is little else to do!). The doctor is in constant contact with leaders at the hospital as well as the important national plastic surgery societies such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. When we reopen, we will be following all national and local guidelines and best practices to keep our patients safe. We will update you on specific dates and procedures in another email.

In the meantime, we are offering the following services:

1) Dr. LoVerme is available for virtual online consultation by appointment. He can discuss your surgical needs by video. Please call the office and set up an appointment that can be done on a secure platform. We use for our visits which is very easy to hook into with computers, tablets, or phones. It works on any platform. If you prefer, we can use FaceTime but that is less secure. For new patients, we ask that you fill out a virtual consultation request on our website.

2) Consultation with our medical esthetician is also available by phone appointment. We do not want you lose the gains you have made in good skincare. She can suggest great home remedies and skincare products that will be best for you.

3) Our online store is available 24 hours per day for your refills or new orders. A description of each product is available as well as fast shipping direct to you.

4) Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep current on the latest trends in plastic surgery and what is happening in our office.

Stay safe and smile!

Dr. LoVerme and the staff of Accurate Aesthetics

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Stay Connected: Phone and Virtual Consultations

To our valued patients,

COVID-19 has caused tremendous upheaval for everyone. We are remaining connected to our patients by phone and virtually! During the stay at home order, you can meet the doctor to discuss your needs and have a virtual online consultation.

Start by asking for a virtual consultation here.

We also ask you to download and complete our registration form here

There are a couple of ways to get it back to us:

If you are considering a surgical procedure, we also ask that you view the video on the appropriate procedure by looking at the surgical drop down on our website.

Once we get you registered, we will be in touch to make your consult. We will use either a secure HIPAA compliant platform for the consultation or we can even use FaceTime. We will make it as easy as we can for you to connect and get as much information as possible. Whichever way we connect, we ask that you have your phone, iPad, tablet or computer set up and stabilized so that you can use your hands to take notes if you desire.

After our consult, we will send you a quote outlining fees for surgery. You will be able to schedule a surgery date at that time but you will need a brief in-office physical exam to verify your health and appropriateness for surgery.

This is a great way to start the process while many of us are working remotely or just home staying safe before COVID-19 starts to settle down. Let’s use this time to all of our advantages.

We hope you and your family continue to be safe and healthy.


William E. LoVerme, MD and the Accurate Aesthetics Team

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Office Update

To our valued patients;

We want to assure all of our patients that our office remains a safe place. However, like all medical facilities, we will be taking certain precautions.

    1. We will try to keep the office a protected space. We ask all patients with upper respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath to please cancel any routine appointments. We will be as flexible as possible with rescheduling and will not be charging any cancellation fees for routine appointments. Please call your primary care doctor if you have any of these symptoms. Additionally, if you have recently traveled to a country with high rates of Coronavirus please reschedule your visit for at least 14 days from the time of your visit.

    2. We will be disinfecting and cleaning the office on a regular and increased basis. Hand washing by the doctor and staff will be strictly adhered to and hand sanitizer will be available to all staff and patients.

    3. Be assured that since our facility is much less utilized than the hospital this may be a safer place for you.

    4. We are fully prepared to perform all scheduled surgery and are taking all necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

    5. Please remember that Dr. LoVerme as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital is part of the leadership team and updated on at least a daily basis with the newest information. We will keep you up to date as needed.

    6. Remember that we have plenty of available appointments for noninvasive procedures such as Vanquish ME fat reduction, LaseMD skin rejuvenation, UltraFemme 360 vaginal rejuvenation, and PhotoFacials. This may be a good time to take advantage of these with the recent increased work from home environment and no needles that penetrate the skin.

Remember that your safety, as well as your health and appearance, are our utmost concern!


William E. LoVerme, MD and the Accurate Aesthetics Team

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