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Earlobe Repair Boston

At Accurate Aesthetics, Dr. William E. LoVerme
understands that what once seemed like a sophisticated or modern fashion trend — such as wearing very heavy earrings or ear gauging — may soon be transformed into a cosmetic concern, as the earlobes begin to suffer from such fads. Fortunately, the plastic surgeon performs earlobe repair cosmetic surgery for individuals in Boston, Wellesley and Sudbury to improve the appearance of torn earlobes or excessively elongated earring holes.

Why Earlobe Repair Surgery Becomes Necessary

Individuals who came of age in the 1980s most likely remember the hefty metal earrings that were in fashion back then. If you are familiar with the heavy earring trend, you might also have participated in it. If this is the case, you may now be suffering the consequences, which often include split earlobes or severely elongated earring holes.

A more current fashion trend involves “ear gauging,” which entails gradually expanding an earring hole, so that it can accommodate a thick, broad circular earring. Sometimes, the earring hole will eventually shrink back to a smaller size once the earring is removed; however, more often, the expanded hole remains stretched out.

Aside from fashion trends that can damage the earlobe, injuries to this area can occur. For example, someone may yank on a dangling earring on accident, thereby causing a tear in the earlobe.

Under these circumstances, earlobe repair surgery may become necessary to repair the earlobe and restore its original size and shape. With earlobe repair surgery, Dr. LoVerme can repair an elongated earring hole, a moderately torn earlobe or a fully torn earlobe.

The Earlobe Repair Procedure

The exact details of earlobe repair surgery may vary by patient, depending on the state of the person’s earlobe and the complexity of his or her cosmetic concerns. During consultation, Dr. LoVerme assesses the earlobes and listens to your cosmetic concerns before recommending an appropriate treatment plan to meet the patient’s unique needs.

Earlobe surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis, with the use of a local anesthetic. To fix a single earlobe tear, Dr. LoVerme removes the intervening scar and places stitches in the front and back of the ear to fix the tear. (The stitches are removed about a week following the procedure.) The plastic surgeon can usually repair multiple earlobe tears for a patient in one visit.

For individuals with earlobes that are missing a significant degree of mass, causing the earlobes to fold over, Dr. LoVerme may advise the use of an injectable dermal filler, such as hyaluronic acid-based Juvéderm or Restylane. He injects the dermal filler into the region surrounding the earring hole to provide added substance to the ear to prevent folding.

The Earlobe Repair Recovery Process

Earlobe Repair BostonPatients undergoing earlobe repair surgery should not need to take any time off their jobs or everyday schedule. However, they should keep any dressings in place until Dr. LoVerme advises that it is safe to remove them. They should also be very cautious in situations in which they might experience contact with the treatment area(s).

About two to three months following the procedure, the earlobe should be sufficiently healed to withstand a new piercing, if the patient desires one. Individuals who would like to wear earrings to an upcoming special event, such as a reunion or a wedding, should plan accordingly.

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