About the Practice

A Unique Relationship

Plastic Surgery is a unique medical specialty that relies on a doctor’s technical skill and artistic ability. Your plastic surgeon must have the experience to visualize and clearly explain the results of your surgery. Your surgeon is the person with whom you will discuss expectations, formulate reasonable goals, and bring these goals to life. Therefore, optimal results depend on a close relationship between you and your doctor. Our commitment to the following goals helps us to foster this relationship of trust:


All information pertaining to your appointment, including what you discuss with the doctor, is held in the strictest confidence.

Individual Attention

The decision to consider plastic surgery is an individual, private one. We provide one-on-one consultation with Dr. LoVerme, follow-up appointments after surgery, and availability by telephone for your questions.

Full Patient Education

We use customized videotapes and brochures to introduce you to the field of plastic surgery. Additionally, we use state of the art computer imaging to help you visualize results before they take place. Our goal is to ensure you choose the most appropriate procedure to meet your personal needs.

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