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The skin is the largest and fastest growing organ.

Our skin protects us from the extremes of temperatures, damaging sunlight and harmful chemicals. Because our skin is such a vital organ, we need to take care of it and protect it. Good skin care begins with overall health, nutrition and protection from the sun. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day keeps the skin well hydrated, sunblock should be used daily year round, and moisture is an integral part of skin health. It is important to have a licensed medical skin care professional customize your regiment so you can achieve healthy skin in a safe and professional environment. At Accurate Aesthetics, we have only the best medical grade skin products available with the highest quality ingredients and team of professionals to assist you.

Cleansing is essential for skin health. To slough off dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, Alpha hydroxy acids are products that work the best. Try our Accurate Aesthetics Rejuvenating Cleanser. It can be used morning and night as the first treatment to prepare your skin for other products. Vitamin A products help to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, which is one of the most important components of the skin and gives the full-bodied youthful appearance. Retinols are the gold standard in anti-aging products. We use Accurate Aesthetics Retinol Emollient Gel, which feels like silk on the skin due to the ingredients of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and green tea.

Sunblock should be used every day regardless of weather, because UVA rays are present during all daylight hours throughout the year and they can penetrate glass and clouds. UVA rays play a major role in aging, wrinkling and causing skin laxity. We love our own specially formulated Silk Sheer SPF 30 and Revisions Intellashade SPF 45. Your skin will love you forever if you protect it from UVA rays!

Moisturizing is a big part of a good skin care routine because our cells work better when they are hydrated, and aging dehydrates our skin and causes wrinkles. At Accurate Aesthetics, we have formulated an ultra-hydrating emollient called Intense NiaCream and Intense NiaLotion to help not only moisturize but also plump the skin. These amazing products should be applied right before bedtime. During the winter months we recommend to use them under your SPF as well. For an added boost of moisture, since your face can never have too much moisture, we recommend Accurate Aesthetics HydraPeptide Serum, which is completely oil-free and safe to use on acne-prone skin or under your moisturizer. 

When your skin is feeling dull and rough, especially after the winter months, microdermabrasion is a safe and natural way to exfoliate it and leave your skin feeling and looking smooth and youthful. At Accurate Aesthetics, we use the Megapeel Microdermabrasion System, where powder crystals are used to finely resurface the superficial layers of the skin. Megapeel microdermabrasion improves dull, lifeless skin, fine lines and pigmentation problems. It’s the perfect treatment to ready your skin for the beautiful spring weather.

Call our office today to make an appointment with Erin, our medical aesthetician, to find the best, custom skin care regimen for you. Call us at (781) 263-0011.

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