Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

It is preferable to make an appointment for consultation by calling in person. This will give you the most flexibility in obtaining the exact time that fits your schedule best. Phone numbers are 781-263-0011 and 877-603-SURG (7874) for toll free in the U.S. International clients sometimes find it easier to utilize email for their correspondence and appointments may be obtained in this manner.

We usually schedule at least one hour for initial cosmetic surgery consultation. At Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery we believe a well educated patient is one who will do best after surgery. You will be asked not what operation you want, but what bothers you. We want to take the time to be sure that we are treating exactly the areas that bother you. The doctor will examine you and make recommendations about the best surgery to treat your problem as well as any alternatives that may be available. A form will be completed with all past medical history (please bring a list of medications and dosages with you). You will most often be shown a short film about the type of surgery requested. You will meet with our nurse or technician who will review many aspects of surgery with you. We will answer any other questions you may have. Photographs will be taken to include in your medical record. You will then meet with our patient care coordinator who will give you an exact quote for the price of surgery as well as discuss any possible surgery dates with you. We ask that you tell us about each of the areas you would like to discuss at the time of making your appointment so that we are able to schedule correctly and not keep others waiting. Please allow 1 ½ hours of time to be in the office for the entire appointment.

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How many operations does the doctor perform?

Dr. LoVerme has been in his own practice for over 30 years. He performs well over 300 cosmetic operations per year. He has been doing liposuction since 1983, longer than almost anyone else in the country still practicing. He has been trained in breast augmentation both above and below the muscle and now even performs the newest subfascial breast augmentation technique. Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery has also been named a Center of Excellence for BTL Exilis™ and Vanquish™. At Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, we concentrate our efforts in cosmetic surgery and perform many procedures on the face, eyes and body each week. Like the statistics for the rest of the nation, breast augmentation, liposuction and eyelid surgery are the most frequent, followed by facelift, rhinoplasty and abdominoplasty.

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Where will the surgery take place?

Accurate Aesthetics has an operating room certified at the highest level by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. At this facility we perform breast augmentations and lifts, liposuction up to about two liters, facelifts, eyelid surgery, chin implants, fat injection and some abdominoplasties for appropriately healthy patients. More extensive surgery is done at Newton Wellesley Hospital which has been recognized on multiple occasions by different surveyors as being one of the safest hospitals in the nation.

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What type of anesthesia will be used?

We will use the anesthesia which will make you the most comfortable and is safest for you. Surgery in our surgery center is usually performed under a total intravenous sedation (TIVA technique). This is a very heavy sedation in which you will be asleep but remain breathing on your own. There is no breathing tube which needs to be inserted in your throat. You will wake up quickly and there is the least chance of nausea and vomiting with this technique. There are some larger operations performed at the hospital in which a full general anesthesia is needed. In either case, fully certified MD anesthesiologists from the staff at Newton Wellesley Hospital are the ones who will be giving you anesthesia. Much smaller cases (such as upper eyelid surgery) can be performed under local anesthesia with small pills for sedation without the need for an anesthesiologist.

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Is the surgery painful?

Patients having an anesthesiologist attend their surgery will generally not have any pain at all during surgery. Most patients at Accurate Aesthetics complain of minimal pain after surgery. Pain medications such as Vicodin, Percocet and Codeine may be prescribed as needed and are generally given to you before surgery so that you do not need to stop at the pharmacy on the way home from your surgery. Most cosmetic surgery is done external to the muscles. It is the cutting through muscles which causes pain in many other types of surgery. We perform breast augmentation most often in front of the muscles which not only decreases pain but can give a more long lasting result and natural appearance. Many operations such as face lifts can often be performed through a smaller incision than was done many years ago. This may decrease the pain. Longer lasting local anesthesia may be utilized to decrease pain for many hours after surgery. At Accurate Aesthetics you can be assured that we will be attentive to your comfort and well being at all times.

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Does the doctor allow the use of any herbs or vitamins?

At Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery we are intent on using all of the methods available to give you the best, fastest and safest results. This often includes herbal remedies. For facial cosmetic surgery and for liposuction surgery, you will be given a special preparation of Arnica Montana which will help decrease the amount of bruising and swelling after surgery. You are forbidden to take Aspirin products for ten days before surgery. Multivitamins may be taken up until the day of surgery but extra Vitamin E should be eliminated one week before surgery as it may increase bruising. Herbs starting with the letter G should not be taken for at least one week before surgery (Gingko, garlic, ginseng) as they may also increase bleeding and bruising. If you desire, you may take your own Bromelain and Echinacea up until the morning of surgery and then start again the day after surgery. Please ask the doctor or nurse about any other specific medications.

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Will the doctor shave any hair?

We are able to perform a full face and neck lift as well brow lift and any smaller procedures without shaving any hair. Your hair will have surgical lubricant placed in at the time of surgery to mat it down around the incisions. There may be some blood in the hair which we will try to wash out at the end of surgery. Your hair will be a “mess” but you may shower within 48 to 72 hours, the lubricant will all wash out and you will look fine without any residual shaved areas. For abdominoplasty or liposuction we may need to shave a small area of the pubic region around the incisions. You may do this at home before the operation if you desire.

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When will I be able to shower after surgery?

We like to let our patients shower as soon as possible after surgery because we believe you will be more comfortable that way. For minor procedures you will be able to shower the next day. Most procedures need about 48 hours before you shower. If there are drains in place, such as after abdominoplasty, you will need to wait until the drains are removed, usually in less than one week. Liposuction patients will be placed in a compression garment after the operation. We ask that you not remove this for at least 72 hours after the operation. At that time you will be able to shower. You will be given written instructions about the specifics after your surgery but you may always feel free to call the office if you have questions.

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How long before I can exercise after surgery?

Each operation is different. Any operation has a chance of bleeding afterwards. The blood vessels can re-open after surgery if the pulse or blood pressure goes too high. Therefore we recommend at least 10 days after surgery for no exercise and then to start back very slowly. If you use a treadmill, we recommend that you start out at ½ the speed, ½ the amount of time and ½ the incline…this is about one eighth of the amount you were doing before surgery. If you do well at this level then you can slowly increase over the next 2 weeks. There are some surgeries in which muscles are repaired such as abdominoplasty. You will need to be out of certain exercises for up to six weeks after these operations. We will see you frequently enough after surgery to guide you along in when to start exercise. In general, we believe that exercise is good for you and that the sooner you start back, the better you will feel.

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Will I have a scar?

Some patients think that since they are having an operation performed by a plastic surgeon there will be no scar. Plastic surgeons try to hide scars by placing them in hidden areas or using small instruments or endoscopes to minimize the size of the incisions. We use sutures (stitches) that are often buried beneath the skin so that there are no stitch marks. We recommend a product called Scarguard which contains Vitamin E, hydrocortisone and silicone in a base that paints on like nail polish. This may help minimize the scars a bit faster and is available in our office. Scars most often fade over time. However, anywhere there is an incision, you will have a scar.

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Will I need a blood transfusion?

It is extremely rare to need a blood transfusion after any cosmetic surgery. At Accurate Aesthetics, we perform hundreds of cosmetic operations per year without the need of blood transfusion for any type of cosmetic surgery. Blood loss is generally minimal with new types of anesthesia (e.g. tumescent type) and with the high tech electrocautery machines which are used. However, we can not guarantee that you will not ever need a transfusion.

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