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Breast Reduction Surgery in Boston, MAAt Accurate Aesthetics, we understand that for women with excessively large, pendulous breasts, performing simple tasks, such as shopping for new clothes or jogging, can be discouraging or even painful. To help relieve the physical and emotional discomfort that many individuals with overly enlarged breasts experience, our compassionate plastic surgeon, Dr. William E. LoVerme, performs breast reduction surgery for women (and men) in Boston, Wellesley and Sudbury.

What Breast Reduction Surgery Corrects

Women with overly enlarged breasts often feel self-conscious about their appearance. They may hunch forward or don baggy clothing to conceal their ample breasts. In addition to the emotional discomfort that having excessively large, pendulous breasts can cause, these women often experience physical pain or discomfort when engaging in certain activities, such as running or jumping. Due to the heavy weight of their breasts, women with overly large breasts often suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain as well. Even wearing a bra can be uncomfortable, as the shoulder straps dig into the skin, causing deep indentations, welts or rashes.

Dr. LoVerme performs breast reduction surgery to correct these concerns. With breast reduction surgery, the cosmetic surgeon eliminates excess skin, fat and breast tissue, providing patients with smaller, perkier breasts that are more comfortable and in harmony with the rest of their figures. The surgeon is also able to reduce the size of the areola (the darkly pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) and move the nipple to a higher, more central position on the breast, if needed.

With breast reduction surgery, Dr. LoVerme never reduces the size of the breasts so drastically that patients no longer look like themselves. Rather, the aesthetic goal of the procedure is to help patients achieve shapely breasts that are in proportion with their unique physique.

Breast reduction surgery is an effective means of achieving attractive, youthful-looking breasts that a woman can feel proud of. It is also an effective way to alleviate the pain and discomfort that often accompanies having heavy, excessively large breasts. Often, our patients report feeling a huge sense of relief and simply wish they had undergone the procedure sooner.

Breast Reduction in BostonBreast Reduction Candidacy

The best way to establish candidacy for breast reduction surgery is to visit Accurate Aesthetics for a consultation, so the board-certified plastic surgeon can assess the patient’s breasts, overall anatomy and surgical goals. Based on this information, he can determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Generally, appropriate breast reduction candidates include those who:

  • Seek to decrease their overall breast size due to the emotional and physical discomfort that having overly enlarged breasts causes
  • Would perhaps like to decrease the size of the areolas and / or move the nipples to a higher, more central location on the breast
  • Are healthy enough to undergo surgery, both mentally and physically speaking
  • Do not smoke or are prepared to quit smoking for several weeks prior to and after the procedure
  • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have made the decision to undergo the procedure of their own accord
  • Have reasonable expectations for the surgical outcome
  • Seek cosmetic improvement, not necessarily perfection
  • Comprehend both the advantages and possible disadvantages of breast reduction surgery, including the potential surgical complications.

Incision Options for Breast Reduction Surgery

If Dr. LoVerme needs to remove a significant amount of breast tissue, fat and skin as well as raise the nipple significantly, he typically suggests a traditional incision pattern, often called the “anchor” incision technique. This approach involves the use of three incisions: the periareolar, vertical and inframammary incisions. The periareolar incision runs around the outer border of the areola. The vertical incision extends down the front of the breast, starting at the bottom perimeter of the areola and ending just above the natural breast fold. The inframammary incision extends horizontally, and is placed underneath the breast crease.

For patients requiring a lesser degree of tissue, fat and skin reduction and nipple migration, the Boston plastic surgeon may recommend a modified, “short-scar” incision pattern. This modified incision approach, which is sometimes referred to as the “lollipop” incision pattern, only involves the use of the periareolar and vertical incisions.

During the consultation, Dr. LoVerme reviews these incision pattern options with the patient to help her decide which is best for her needs.

Breast Reduction by Liposuction

For certain patients, Dr. LoVerme is able to perform “scarless” breast reduction surgery with the use of soft tissue aspiration or liposuction. The best candidates for this procedure are those who do not have too much breast sagging (ptosis) and who have more fatty or less dense breast tissue. This type of reduction is very common for younger women who are more often exposed in locker rooms or group situations and do not want visible scarring on the breasts. This procedure, however, does not elevate the skin of the breast; it just reduces the overall volume of the breast. Recuperation is often shorter than with an excisional type of reduction.

The Breast Reduction Procedure

At Accurate Aesthetics, we generally perform breast reduction surgery on an outpatient basis, with the use of general anesthesia or intravenous sedation for the smaller reductions.

Once Dr. LoVerme has made the chosen incision pattern, he removes the surplus skin, fat and breast tissue from the treatment area. He removes most of the tissues from the lower breast pole to preserve as much of the tissue in the upper breast pole as possible; this helps maintain a substantial degree of cleavage.

The cosmetic surgeon also moves the nipple to a higher, more central location on the breast. In doing so, he keeps the nipple attached to the supporting tissue to help preserve nipple sensation.

If needed, Dr. LoVerme can also decrease the size of excessively large areolas by excising some of the skin from around their outer circumference.

Once the board-certified plastic surgeon is satisfied with the newly sized breasts, he closes the incisions with dissolvable stitches before dressing the breasts with fluffy bandages and a surgical bra on top.

The Breast Reduction Recovery Process

Immediately following the procedure, patients are moved into a room where they can recuperate for a short period while the effects of the anesthesia subside. Once patients are cleared, they are released into the care of a responsible adult, who can then take them home to recover comfortably.

Postoperative breast reduction patients will need to take about one week off from work or their everyday activities. During the initial phase of the recovery process, patients should rest as much as possible and avoid engaging in vigorous activity, including heavy lifting and exercising. However, it is important to take short walks around the house, as soon as possible, to minimize the risk of developing blood clots in the lower extremities.

The breasts may feel tender, sore or numb initially following surgery. Patients should take the prescribed oral pain relievers, as needed, to alleviate any discomfort. The treatment area may also be swollen or bruised, but these are expected symptoms that should improve over time.

The surgeon monitors the progress of recovery during several follow-up visits to Accurate Aesthetics. He lets his patients know when they can resume their usual activities, including their exercise routines.

The Cost of Breast Reduction Surgery

The final cost quoted by Accurate Aesthetics includes: the surgeon’s fee, the cost of the operating facility and the anesthesiologist’s fee, as well as the cost of one surgical garment, all photographs and all pre- and post-surgical physician care. Accurate Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, P.C., and Dr. LoVerme are not contracted with any insurance company and do not accept insurance payments as payment in full. The office will help patients with their insurance concerns, provide appropriate surgical and diagnosis codes and write pre-approval letters as necessary. As with all cosmetic surgery, payment will be expected prior to the operation.

That being said, the overall cost of breast reduction surgery varies, as each person’s anatomical needs and aesthetic goals differ. For instance, one patient may only need a slight degree of breast reduction while another patient may need a major degree of breast reduction, areola reduction and nipple elevation.

Alleviate Your Discomfort Now

If you suffer from the physical and emotional discomfort that having heavy, pendulous breasts causes, do not suffer any longer. You can be on your way to alleviating your discomfort now by scheduling a consultation with Dr. LoVerme to establish your candidacy and learn more about your treatment options.

To arrange a one-on-one consultation with Dr. LoVerme to find out more about breast reduction surgery, contact Accurate Aesthetics by calling (877) 603-7874 toll-free.

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