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Boston Mommy MakeoverReady for mommy makeover surgery in Boston? Countless mothers turn to talented Sudbury, MA plastic surgeon Dr. William E. LoVerme assists mothers by restoring their figures after they’ve had children. Dr. LoVerme is a highly sought-after breast and body contouring surgeon who has extensive experience performing mommy makeover surgery for women in Boston, Wellesley and Sudbury who seek to improve the common aesthetic concerns that many moms share.

What Mommy Makeover Surgery Entails

“Mommy makeover” is an umbrella term describing a set of surgical procedures that are performed together to address the cosmetic issues often caused by pregnancy and nursing.

Typically, mommy makeover procedures include breast lift surgery (with or without saline or silicone breast implants) and “tummy tuck” surgery (with or without liposuction). These are the most popular procedures included in mommy makeover surgery; however, Dr. LoVerme can tailor the operation to include the specific procedures needed to satisfy the unique anatomical needs and aesthetic goals of each patient.

Why Mommy Makeover Often Involves Breast Surgery

Having children is one of life’s most joyous occasions. Unfortunately, the process can take a toll on a woman’s body. Nursing often leaves mothers with sagging breasts and downward-pointing nipples that have migrated down the front of the breast. Breastfeeding may also leave moms with excessively large areolas (the darkly colored skin surrounding the nipples). Some mothers report that their breasts look deflated like a pancake or smaller in size than they were before having kids.

To address the aesthetic concerns related to the breasts, Dr. LoVerme performs breast lift surgery (mastopexy). By including breast lift surgery in the operation, the Boston mommy makeover specialist can raise drooping breasts to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing position on the chest wall. He can also move the nipples to a more central position on the breast, as well as reduce the size of overly enlarged areolas, if necessary, by removing surplus skin from the outer circumference of the areolas.

For mothers who are frustrated that their breasts look flatter or smaller in size than they were prior to having kids, Dr. LoVerme can enhance the volume of the breasts with saline or silicone breast implants.

Why Mommy Makeover Often Involves Abdominoplasty

Aside from the cosmetic effects of breastfeeding, pregnancy itself can wreak havoc on a woman’s figure. Pregnancy — especially multiple pregnancies — often leaves mothers with loose abdominal skin that has stretched out and lost its elasticity. Once the abdominal skin has lost its elastic quality, it can no longer shrink back to a smaller size and shape after the mother has shed the excess pregnancy weight. The abdominal skin starts to sag, often hanging off the body in folds.

Pregnancy can also damage the abdominal muscles, often causing them to separate. Once this occurs, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to restore muscle tone and achieve a svelte abdominal contour, no matter how diligent the mother is at following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. At this point, surgical intervention is needed to restore a flatter, firmer midsection.

To address the cosmetic concerns related to the abdomen, Dr. LoVerme performs tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty). With abdominoplasty, the Boston tummy tuck surgeon first performs liposuction of the abdomen, if needed, to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from beneath the skin. He then removes loose excess abdominal skin before repairing the supporting musculature and other tissue structures. To restore muscle tone to the treatment area, the board-certified plastic surgeon strategically places permanent internal sutures throughout the muscle fascia, in a crisscross pattern. This pulls the divided abdominal muscles back together and holds the repaired musculature and tissue in place following the procedure.

Dr. LoVerme then re-drapes the remaining skin, pulling it taut, and closes the incision. Using a secondary incision placed in the navel, he adjusts the position of the belly button, so it is in line with the newly contoured abdominal profile. The aesthetic result of tummy tuck surgery is a tighter, toned abdominal contour.

What to Expect During the Mommy Makeover Procedure

At Accurate Aesthetics, mommy makeover is generally performed on an outpatient basis, with the use of general anesthesia. The duration of surgery varies, based on the complexity of the patient’s anatomical needs and aesthetic goals for surgery, as well as which procedures are included in the operation.

Dr. LoVerme typically performs breast surgery first, whether it includes breast lift, breast enhancement with implants or both. He leaves the breasts undraped during the abdominoplasty to ensure they are aligned with the new abdominal contour.

As mentioned above, when addressing the abdominal area, Dr. LoVerme first performs liposuction, if necessary, followed by abdominoplasty. Once the plastic surgeon is satisfied with the newly sculpted abdominal profile, he closes the abdominal incisions and assesses the position and proportion of the newly elevated and / or shapelier breasts in relation to the tighter abdomen. If there is a cesarean section scar from childbirth, this will be removed during the procedure; however, there will be a new abdominoplasty incision.

The treatment areas are dressed with soft, fluffy bandages with surgical garments on top to minimize swelling and provide additional support to the tissues while they heal.

Boston Mommy Makeover DoctorThe Mommy Makeover Recovery Period

Following surgery, patients are brought to a room where they can recuperate for a bit while waiting for the effects of the anesthesia to subside. Once the medical staff has cleared them, they are released into the care of a responsible adult who can take them home to recover completely.

Women who have undergone mommy makeover in Boston with Dr. LoVerme should arrange to take approximately two weeks off from work or their everyday routine. During this initial phase of the recovery period, they should get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity, including heavy lifting and exercise. For many mothers, this requires having a spouse, friend or family member help out with the children. However, it is essential to take short walks around the house as soon as possible, to support sound blood flow and minimize the risk of blood clots developing in the legs.

The breasts and abdomen may be numb, tender or sore, but taking the prescribed pain medication as instructed by Dr. LoVerme will help alleviate any discomfort in the first few days after surgery. The treatments areas may also be bruised or swollen. These are all normal symptoms that should gradually improve over time.

Some of the aesthetic benefits of mommy makeover surgery are noticeable immediately. Others take several weeks to become fully actualized, as this is how long it takes for any residual swelling to resolve and for the body to heal completely.

Also, patients who opted for breast implants during mommy makeover surgery should note that implants tend to sit high on the chest wall immediately after surgery, but will settle into a more natural position with time.

The Cost of Mommy Makeover

The overall cost of mommy makeover surgery varies by patient, depending on the complexity of the operation, which procedures are included and whether breast implants were used (and which type of implants were chosen, if applicable).

At Accurate Aesthetics, our price quotes are comprehensive and include the following costs: the plastic surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee and the operating room fee. Our price also includes one surgical garment, all before-and-after pictures and pre- and post-operative physician care.

When comparing the costs of different surgeons, be aware that some surgeons quote extremely low prices that only reflect their fee and do not include any of the other relevant surgical costs.

Make Over Your Figure and Your Outlook

To be the best mother you can be, you have to first take care of yourself. This often includes doing what it takes to feel proud of your appearance. At Accurate Aesthetics, we are proud to help mothers like you look their best, so they feel their best and can devote their energy and attention to their families. If you are ready to make over your figure and, thus, your overall outlook, contact us for more information.

To schedule a private consultation with Dr. LoVerme and learn more about mommy makeover surgery, contact Accurate Aesthetics by calling (877) 603-7874 toll-free now.

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