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Katherine Hein, MDIt’s November, a time when we gather with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. I’d like to go a bit deeper in this post and talk about gratitude. To me, gratitude means appreciating and acknowledging people or situations that we are thankful for. Truly meditating on them, and trying to bring that positivity back out to the world.
Did you know that people who keep a daily gratitude journal are happier than those who don’t? Did you know that gratitude practices can lead to lower blood pressure and better sleep? Here’s one called “Three Roses and a Thorn” that is a regular at the Hein dinner table. We each tell three highlights of the day and why we are grateful for them, as well as one bummer. Then we leave that one behind!
In prepping this post, I thought of many, many things for which I am grateful. But I decided to choose just one, and one that was relevant to my new business endeavor, Accurate Aesthetics. Many of my readers know that I took over William LoVerme’s practice when he retired and moved my own practice over to his office in Wellesley. Lots of change in a short time! So, I am grateful for my fabulous staff, new and old.
Lisa – Office manager for 18 years, manages all the staff, insurance and billing, and every other tiny little and super big thing that the business runs into.
Carly – Physician Assistant, approaching her one year anniversary. Always positive, helpful, and warm, patients love her. She is a superb assistant and also an IT whiz. Phew.
Kathleen – Aesthetician. Funny, knowledgeable, and caring. Truly an expert on every aspect of skin care, and a health coach, too!
Sharon – Our rock at the front desk. Knows everything about cosmetic surgery and has a long history with the old practice, which very much helped with integrating the two practices.
Jill – Another front desk stalwart. Where would we be without her awesome energy, humor, and baked goods? (Please, Jill, no more cupcakes, my waistline can’t take it.)
Dani – Expert of the first telephone encounter, Dani’s is usually the first voice you hear when you call us. New to the team this year, full of enthusiasm, and eager to learn, Dani is also a certified medical interpreter (Spanish and Portuguese).
Heather – does everything. Today she re-organized all our BOTOX and filler injectable supplies to make that part of our work more streamlined. She also processes instruments, schedules surgery, rooms patients, and deals with insurance companies. And she’s going back to school to become a surgical tech! (How is all that even possible?)
Grateful for anything you’d like to tell us about? Please do! And please also take a moment this month, if not today and every day, for gratitude.
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